Pool Fences & Installations in Pelham, AL

Many pool owners who are parents living in Pelham, Alabama understand the importance of keeping their toddlers safe around the pool. One way they have accomplished this is by installing a Life Saver Pool Fence. This is not just any pool fence – it’s an effective physical barrier designed to protect young children from potential pool accidents.

Pool safety is a serious concern, and sadly, drowning remains a significant problem that we need to prevent. In Alabama, there have been 1.57  drowning incidents out of 100,000 people. Alabama has an estimated 121,000 swimming pools and 9,580 housing units. This is the only proof needed to show that every pool owner needs to take part in pool safety.

At Life Saver Pool Fence of Birmingham, we stand behind 7 layers of protection. While adult supervision is vital, it may not be enough to ensure full protection of a young child. Installing a mesh pool fence creates a physical barrier around a pool. No child can climb over a Life Saver mesh pool fencing. The only way to stop access to the pool, when supervised protection fails is to install a reliable fence for your pool.

Drowning Facts

Drowning is preventable – 100 percent. Did you know that 77 percent of small children are seen less than 5 minutes before missing and found in the pool drowned? Surprisingly, 69 percent of fatal drowning accidents happen when a pool is not being used.

What are parents doing at the time their children are drowning? Statistically, 39 percent were doing chores, 18 percent socializing, and 9 percent were distracted by the phone. These statistics serve as a reminder for us to pay attention at all times when our children are using the pool.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid ground for over 30 years.

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    Pool Safety Regulations in Pelham, AL

    Pelham, AL pool fence regulations are clear. All pools must have a pool fence installed that is a minimum of 4 feet high.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    When it comes to pool safety, there’s no compromise. Our child pool safety fences are not only easy to use and removable but also the most durable in the entire industry. With our pool fences, you can have peace of mind knowing that your young children are protected against pool accidents when an adult is not around.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details

    Our Life Saver Premium solid core Pool Fence offers exceptional features that set it apart from the rest:

    • Multiple height options from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft to accommodate your specific needs.
    • A wide selection of colors, including the popular Black mesh that is approximately 87% transparent for the best view of your children from outside the pool fenced area.
    • Self-latching and self-closing gate add-on options available in either Square or Arched Top style.
    • Patented, virtually unbreakable triple reinforced solid core poles that are the strongest in the industry.
    • Professionally powder coated aerospace-grade aluminum poles for durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Textilene® high mil mesh with marine-grade thread woven in a basket weave pattern, providing unrivaled strength and visibility.
    • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders to prevent unraveling and maintain a finished look.
    • Tension-based supports that offer superior stability.
    • Round-head fasteners and rounded edges ensure there are no sharp edges.
    • Pool fencing sections placed into aluminum or plastic sleeves that are installed into your deck surface.
    • Removable and easy to store, although we recommend keeping them up year-round.
    • Triple reinforced solid poles providing omni-directional solid support.
    • 100 Year warranty on every part of a Life Saver fence, guaranteeing its durability and quality.
    • Made in the USA with UV-resistant components to protect against sun damage.
    • Proven and tested to provide the highest level of safety.
    • Installed by trained local pool fence installers in Pelham, AL.
    • Suitable for all types of pools, including in-ground pools.
    • Mesh safety fences can be used in various areas, such as backyards, garages, lanais, and stepped landscaped areas.
    • Accessories like Omni hangers and pool solar lights are available for purchase.

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    Pool Gates in Pelham, AL

    Every pool fence should have a childproof pool gate that is latchable (or lockable). With a Life Saver Pool Fence, you never have to worry about closing a pool fence door because it closes automatically. 

    Our mesh pool gates are designed to be unclimbable, ensuring the highest level of safety for your family. Currently, we carry two types of gates: arched and square.

    Mesh Pet Fence in Pelham, AL

    Pets are part of the family too! Our pet fence prevents pets and stray animals from falling into the pool.  For pets, it provides a safe environment for them to roam. Additionally, you can use our pet fence to create an outdoor dog run or section off an area of your home, such as a garage, to keep your pets in a safe area.

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    About Pelham, AL

    Pelham is a city in Shelby County, Alabama, with a population of 24,688 as of 2021. The city is a suburb of Birmingham and is known for its beautiful scenery, excellent schools, and thriving economy.

    Pelham is home to Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama’s largest state park. The park offers a variety of activities for visitors, including hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and camping. Pelham is also home to the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena, which is home to the Birmingham Bulls, a Southern Professional Hockey League team. 

    Residents and tourists enjoy visiting: Lover’s Leap, Ruffner Mountain Ore Crusher for #3 Slope Mine, and Oak Mountain Amphitheatre.

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